Walking on a path

Through a dense forest

Tall, hanging trees

Forming arches above me

Vines hanging down

Wildlife roaming around

Plants in full bloom

Flowers of all colors

They guide me

Down this lonely road

I reach a clearing

An altar in the center

A five-pointed star drawn in chalk

A circle drawn

Glowing bright white

Lying at the base of the altar

There she was

Beautiful, dark hair flowing

Across her skin

Kneel before her

Pray to the Pantheon

Leave a bouquet and stone

Lay my hands down

Upon her motionless body


Welling up

The white glow dulls

Green spreading throughout

My eyes burst open

Hands spread wide, to the heavens

Energy coursing through my blood



I lie motionless

Eyes still open

Still seeing

She rises, and looks down at me

With her barely open eyes

A smile

Bright white light


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