Endorphin Rush

Endorphin Rush

There is a path leading me

Towards your pedestal

Made of marble inlaid with obsidian

The two colors clash violently

Yet coalesce into beauty together


And there I find you

Staring beyond me

Through me

And as I reach forward

You vanish into thin air

Like mist

Only to appear behind me

Muscles tense

Ready to turn

But you already hold me in your soft grasp

I shudder

As you rub my shoulders


You say to me

And I fade to black

Hearing only your soothing voice

Guiding me

Towards the marble floor

Obsidian shards piercing my conscience

The blinding floor glows

And envelopes us

I awake

Alarm blaring

And as I look to my side with a smile

I realize

You are gone

And as I cringe one more time

Life continues until

The next time I set eyes on you

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