Nightmare’s Smile

Nightmare’s Smile

I’m in the middle of nowhere

No. I’m in nowhere, nothing, negative space

Everything’s white except for a figure in the distance

I begin running towards this figure, but it keeps getting farther and farther and farther away

Until suddenly everything closes in around me, surrounding me in a

blinding white sheet of light

And this figure is right in front of me


Dangling on a cord of old rope

It’s too bright to make out who it is, but it’s a girl

I’ve no idea who this is, and I can only guess it is someone I do not know

Yet she seems so familiar

It pains me to see her there

Swaying to no breeze in this no-man’s land

I fall to my knees


And just like that, it was dark again

Peaceful for once

I opened my eyes, but instead of deep serenity

I saw horror


Bloody ticks counting down how many lives were being lost by the second

That red fluid dripping down my arms

Pumping out of my heart like a machine

Extracting that sweet, sweet nectar

Screaming faces swarming upon me

Cackling at my misfortune

Then, blackness



Awful silence

I scratched at my arms, but instead of feeling scars

My skin began tearing off in pieces

Chunks of flesh dropping through the invisible floor below me

Deep into the void

Each piece slowly morphing into some demonic entity

Sucking my soul out from within me

And suddenly I was back there

In front of that lone, swinging body

But this time

She smiled

Only her lips visible

Grinning at me

Licking her bloody fangs with glee

I tried to run, but I was only pulled closer

I couldn’t call for help, it wouldn’t matter anyways

Nobody was around but the demons

They surrounded us, all licking their lips like starving wolves

And as I slipped into her grasp

I felt her fangs bite deep down into my neck

I could feel my blood flowing freely

As I faded to black

I saw one last thing

Her smile

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