Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Shining treasure in the dark
Glimmering with magycal light
Emitting an energy
So powerful
So intense
The Gods’ themselves are awestruck
By this treasure of blinding light
Sitting patiently within dark walls
Of its own creation

I seek this magycal treasure
To see whether it is truly
As intense as it is believed to be
And the only thing in my way
Is this tall dark wall
To scale this is nigh impossible
But I will not be deterred
By mere impossibility

I can feel the magycal energy
Seeping out
Through cracks in the wall
As I search
For a weak spot
I suddenly feel
The wall shatters outward
Coating me in dust
And before me stands

The treasure
The source
This intense
Magycal energy

I jump atop the rubble
Dashing towards you
You running to me
Just as we meet
In love’s embrace
The Gods’ smile
We explode
A beacon of light
The dark walls crumbling
The past is no more
Only the here
And now

The light dissipates
The fog clears
It is just us now
Forever entwined
The roots and branches
Of this great tree

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