Updates! And New Categories!

Updates! And New Categories!

Long time no write, eh?

It has been some time, friends, but I think it’s time I got back on track and started writing again, and posting more regularly to this blog. Yes, I know, I’ve said that before many times, but I’ve decided to introduce a new set of categories to my posts: Poetry & Short Story

I recently got back into writing poetry and short stories and felt the need to share them this time around. I might find some of my older work and share it here, but I may also stick to new material only. That being said, I do have a poem I’d like to share right now. It’s abstract and doesn’t have any definable structure besides how it looks, but I like how it turned out and I hope you do too. It will follow this update post shortly.

On another note, I’ve also removed the Twitch Stream page, as viewing anything there was horrendous. I haven’t been streaming for a while anyway, but if I do, be sure to watch my Twitter feed or Facebook page for updates.

That’s all for tonight folks! Take care and have a wonderful rest of your day.

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